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whiskey and murder mystery slc

Murder Mystery 

A Recipe Shaken With MURDER; Best Served On The Rocks

September 15th, 2022
7 PM TO 10 PM

What is 
Murder Mystery

Our interactive murder mystery nights are a fun and different way to socialize! You don't want to miss you chance to solve a murder class, while enjoying delicious whiskey and murder mystery themed cocktails.

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For each of these adventures everyone at the party plays a role and everyone is a suspect! When you arrive, our staff will be on hand to welcome you and explain all the things you need to know to enjoy the night. 

No experience is necessary

It is designed to be fun (not super hard). During the night our host will narrate the chain of events that lead to the murder then it is up to you to solve the case!

Whiskey + Murder Mystery

A Recipe Shaken With MURDER; Best Served On The Rocks

Event Details

Time:  7 pm - 10 pm  
Date: September 15th, 2021
Location: Sent to you after you register

Price: $40

How it works:

Arrive at Mystery Manor at 7: pm. Our staff will welcome you and give you your character and explain how the mystery works.

While you interact with others at the party to solve the case, you’ll be able to enjoy some delicious whiskey and murder mystery themed cocktails.


The Story: Murder of a Millionaire

Your presence is requested at Mystery Manor for an evening filled with murder and mystery in order to commemorate the death of the late millionaire, Rick A. Rochester. Among Rick’s dying wishes, he wanted his will reading to be a party thrown in his honor to gather together those most important in his life. From his eccentric ex-wife to his interfering in-laws, his spying servants to the provocative pool boy, it seems that everyone has a shot at a piece of his estate. As one of Rick’s closest confidants or family members, it is your help that is needed to piece together the mystifying death of Mr. Rochester and to avoid being the victim of yet another murder as you attend his will reading. Use caution in considering your involvement in this gathering, for as likely as it is that you will walk away with a great deal of inheritance, you are also just as likely not to walk out at all…

About the event: 

Whiskey and Murder Mystery is hosted by Sip And Vibe SLC. We are not a professional Murder Mystery company. We are a private bartending company that offers these activities as part of our cocktail events and tastings for people to enjoy a night out, try something different, make friends, celebrate an occasion with groups of friends, etc.

 It is done in a very fun and casual way. THIS IS NOT A DINNER EVENT. It is more of a cocktail party atmosphere. Some people get really into it and come dressed up for the theme and others just come to have fun–it’s up to you! The main thing is to have fun! 

Whiskey + Murder Mystery

A Recipe Shaken With Murder, Best Served On The Rocks

Event Itinerary

Specialty Murder Mystery Cocktails & Hors D'oeuvres
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Murder Mystery Begins

8:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Time:  7 pm - 10 pm  
Date: September 15th, 2022
Location: Mystery Mansion
You have to be at least 21 years old to enter

Early Bird Special - $30
General Admission - $40

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