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You're Busy Planning A Party... Let Us Handle The Bar!

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Sit Back, Relax And Be A Guest At Your Own Party

Since 2021, With Sip And Vibe SLC has led the industry in Bartending and Event Services. We provide expert bartenders and bar service for parties of any size. The staff is fully trained, certified and covered by both liquor and general liability insurance. We handle everything needed for full bar service including specialty drink design, alcohol ordering or support, and provide all equipment needed for your full bar to include supplies such as: a portable bar, ice, soda, mixers, garnish, cups, napkins, and of course talented and experienced staff.

Wedding Party

Dare To Pair

Hors D'Oeuvres & Cocktails

Having a party is easy, it's the planning part that stresses you out. If you have ever hosted or planned a party, you know from experience that the planning process can be one of the most stressful times of your life.


To take some of the stress off of your plate let us help you come up with some amazing hor d'oeuvres and cocktail (mocktail) menu that will keep your guests entertained as well as allow you to actually enjoy the event.

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