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Welcome Beverage

Welcome to the perfect solution for making your event truly unforgettable - the Welcome Beverage Station. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate gathering, or any special occasion, a thoughtfully designed welcome beverage station can set the tone and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Why Choose a Welcome Beverage Station?

  1. Warm Welcome: Greet your guests with a warm and inviting atmosphere as they enter your event. A beverage station offers a friendly and hospitable ambiance, making everyone feel at ease.

  2. Personalization: Tailor the station to match your event's theme, color scheme, or branding. Create a signature cocktail, offer mocktails, or feature your favorite beverages for a personalized touch.

  3. Interactive Experience: Allow your guests to engage with the station, mix their own drinks, or be served by professional bartenders, enhancing the overall experience.​

  4. Memorable First Impression: Impress your guests from the outset, leaving them with a memorable first impression that sets the tone for the entire event.


Our welcome beverage bar includes freshly brewed coffees, a selection of herbal teas, hot chocolate, cider, sugars, honey, creamers and water fountain.

$5.50 Per Person  -  2 Hours of service

$7.00 Per Person  -  3 Hours of service

$8.50 Per Person  -  4 Hours of service

$10.00 Per Person  -  5 Hours of service

What’s Included

1 - 100 cup Coffee Dispenser
1 - 100 cup Hot Water Dispenser (Tea, Hot Chocolate and Cider)
1 - Glass Water Dispenser 
Cups, napkins and straws
Table and black tablecloth (or set up your own)
Welcome Beverage Bar menu
Unlimited refills
(Access to drinking water is required)

Brewing Tea
Making Coffee

What is a Welcome Beverage Station?

A Welcome Beverage Station is more than just a place for guests to quench their thirst; it's a captivating and personalized experience. It's the first thing your guests see as they arrive, and it's an opportunity to make them feel special and pampered from the moment they step in. Imagine your event entrance adorned with a beautifully styled and well-curated station, ready to provide a variety of beverages that suit your theme, style, and preferences.

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