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Calling All Musicians & Entertainers

We are looking for musicians, singers, rappers, dancers, poets, bands & all performers to come bless the stage. Here is your chance to showcase your talents to the local public as well as some local businesses, politicians, and entertainment representatives that will be in attendance.

Performers who get the chance to bless the stage will be performing for the same quality of attendees as well as for the representatives of the entertainment sponsors Bassix Studios of Mac Life who will be offering special discounted rates on studio services as well as other performance opportunities and entertainment resources.


So come with your A-game because you never know who will be watching.

How to Submit Your Material:

  1. Email the following information to Bassix Studio

    1. Name​:

    2. Age:

    3. Entertainment Genre:

    4. Social Media Handle

    5. Youtube Channel

    6. Bio

  2. Click here to email Bassix Studios 

  3. If you have any questions visit:

(We reserve the right to refuse work that it considers inappropriate)

​Rules of Entry:

1) All entertainers must be at least 18 years of age.

2) All entertainers must provide there own equipment

3) Entertainers will be given a10-15 minute set

4) Entertainers we be given there own unique QR Code to be placed on promotion material to help entertainers generate revenue

5) The revenue generated be an entertainers QR Code is goes directly to the entertainer (minus processing fees and sales tax)

6) All entertainers must be available 7/23/2021 for a sound check / rehearsal

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